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Online marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales have a strong connection with each other. When a business has a good marketing plan and builds a strong brand …

web site design

Website can be a heart of every business and one of the most important part of online existence for any business …

Graphic Desgin

Graphic design is a visual art that gives every message and every content life. Visual contents and Motion graphics are part of any business …

Social media markting

Recent statics show the importance of social media and direct interactions between brands and their audience. Therefore, stating that social media …

Parham Azimi - Bros digital marketing company

About us

Bros digital marketing company is a young company located in Vienna, Austria.Our services are marketing research, online marketing, social media marketing, website design, content creation and graphic design.

The main focus of the company is to help small and medium size Enterprises to grow in digital world. Our agency tries to find optimal solutions for each enterprise individually and help to grow awareness and Branding around them.

Using new approaches and creative solutions in digital world is our Motto.  We offer all of our services in English, German and Persian languages.

Bros digital marketing agency with more than 6 years of experience in marketing, digital environment, social media marketing, Branding, graphic design and advertisement can hugely impact your business growth. We believe in long term relations therefore walking side by side with you as a consultant is our purpose.

Our Happy Clients!

Working with Bros digital marketing company was a relief, i don’t put energy into what i can not handle as they could. now my sale is increased because of the website they made and every piece of document or advertising are now more professional and eye-caching. Now i can concentrate on the business itself.

Majid Sobhi – CEO of Majid home

I started my business with Bros digital marketing company. They helped me to create the menu, flyer and posters. The process was interesting, they looked for the best colors to match the restaurant and explained their marketing view to me. Paying digimarketingbros was more of an investment than an expense for me.

Khalil Hosaini – CEO of Ali baba cafe and restaurant

Vielen dank an Herrn Parham von Digimarketingbros durch sein Know-How und seiner Expertise in sachen Marketingstrategie und Webseiten konfiguration steigerte sich mein Umsatz und zu gleich der Gewinn exponentiell.


Michael – CEO of klimazon

Why Bros digital marketing company?

+6 Years Experience
Over the years we have helped many companies experience much higher sales
Professional Services

Professional service and customer privacy protection was and is one of the duties of our work

50+ Completed Projects

More than 50 companies and startups have trusted us to grow their collection

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Frequntly asked questions

Digital marketing or online marketing is a type of marketing activity in an online environment. It involves promoting and promoting a product, service or even brands digitally.

What is the difference between marketing and digital marketing? In general, they both perform the same tasks, although the tools they use are different. But the most important factor that differentiates them is the environment. Digital marketing or online marketing, as the name suggests, focuses only on the Internet and digital communication.

it is easy. Absolutely nothing, not only is there no difference between them, they are actually both the same. Internet marketing is another name for online marketing and digital marketing.

There are many reasons why a business needs to do online marketing. To name a few: awareness, promotion, branding, communication, differentiation and sales are just some of the benefits of marketing and online marketing.

Marketing helps businesses find and connect potential customers, but it is generally a costly activity that requires time, money and effort, although it is worth it in many cases. On the other hand, online marketing not only does the job of marketing, but also more, less expensive with higher reach and more flexibility.

Email campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising, search engine sponsorship, link building and many other activities are done by digital marketing.

Optimizing websites for search engines, better graphics, using free services like Google and linking social media to your website are things to consider. It is very important to review and analyze the traffic and the impact your changes bring and improve your strategies accordingly. There are many marketing and online marketing agencies that can help your business grow in an efficient way in the digital world, such as Brews Digital Marketing Companies.

It totally depends on your goals and situation. If you already have a website or not? Do you have enough awareness about your brand/business? But the beauty of marketing and online marketing is that it can be adjusted to whatever budget you set for it. It can start from 10 euros to very large numbers. You can consult any marketing and online marketing agency like DigimarketingBros to see exactly how much it will cost your business.

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