Graphic design

Graphic design is a visual art that gives every message and every content life. Visual contents and Motion graphics are part of any business. Companies need to convey their messages to their target groups beyond words, therefore graphics can have a huge impact in their routine activities from social media to offline advertising like posters , flyers or visit cards. Graphic design although has it’s standards but is solely dependent to the artist who create it. Logo design is the best example of showing how important graphic design is in the branding of a company. With a thoughtful logo a business can convey different emotional and cognitive messages to their audience.

Bros’s team has very talented graphic artists who not only have education in this area but more have a long successful working backgrounds. Creativity, out of box thinking and being on time are our strength point. A picture can convey a better and more efficient message than 1000 words. Companies by using graphics in their content can benefit a lot. Photo shop, illustrator, Premier, AI are software our digital marketing agency uses in our graphic design department. Here at Bahari gallery you can see our graphic design.projects

Graphic design is trending!


Statistics shows that people react to visual art more than words.


For a better communication you need a picture or a graphic art to trigger the attention.


For a better and more prestigious Brand, you need a corporate identity.


Trust and credibility would increase with a good graphic.


Nowadays with increase in technology the need for a better graphic art is increasing.

holographic elements

o create designs that are eye-catching, engaging, and futuristic

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Bros offer you Logo design, Flyer design, Poster Design, Visit card, Catalogue design, Social media post and story

Visit card

One time pay
  • 2 times free revision
  • Different kind of paper
  • Printing on different sizes
  • Less than 2 weeks delivery
  • From 200 to 10,000 copies

Logo design

One time pay
  • 3 times free revision
  • Creative logo design
  • History of the Logo design
  • Deliver in variety of sizes
  • For different usage

Poster design

One time pay
  • 2 times revision
  • Online and Offline
  • Photography if needed
  • Variety of sizes & materials
  • Less than a week delivery

Flyer design

One time pay
  • 2 times free revision
  • Photography if needed
  • Variety of sizes and materials
  • Less than 2 weeks delivery
  • From 400 to 40,000 copies

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