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Majid Home Website

Majid Home is a carpet shop located in Vienna 1160.
Majidhome website

Majid Home is a carpet shop located in Vienna 1160 which offers variety of different Persian carpets. As the business grows locally enough, the brand owner decided to explore a wider and international market for the products. With a free shipping cost through Europe this was the best chance to grab the opportunity and use the potential of the business to grow even more. DMB designed the website and help Majid Home brand to increase it’s existence in digital world. We saw the potential of the brand from social media channels of the company and use this in our advantage.

Therefore, using the active Instagram and Facebook profile and redirect them into the website seems  a good decision. Our services is not limited to website designing but more Google search improvement , Google analytics reports, Google merchandise for free shopping listing on platform, improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and won’t stop till website gains enough awareness and sell the first product. Photography , UI/UX design and coding of the website are part of our services in this project.


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