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Social media Marketing

Recent statics show the importance of social media and direct interactions between brands and their audience. Therefore, stating that social media nowadays is one of the tools brands can easily use in digital world for different purposes, is not far from reality. With a cost efficient budget and a daily regular activities, social media channels can have a huge impact.

But the point that every business must think through completely before choosing any of these channels is that every social media channel has it’s own target group, purpose, advantage and techniques. Social media marketing can help to identify the needs of a business and choose an appropriate channel to fulfill these needs.

Social media marketing : New Era in digital marketing

Our Services:

Bros social media marketing team with 4 years of experience in this area, help brands with these activities. Customer feedback, observing Trends, digital graphics, motion graphics, growing followers, branding and posting on different social media platforms are part of our services in this area. The most important part is the reports and statics which comes from these activities to help other departments like Marketing and Sales. Designing post and stories or Vblogging for any social media channel like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube or any other platform. Our Instagram channel for free social media marketing tips.

Gold package

209 monthly
  • Free consulting
  • 4 Platforms
  • 20 Post
  • 30 Stories
  • 6 Motion graphics
  • Free Photography in required
  • linking social media to website
  • WhatsApp chat on website
  • Facebook chat on website
  • Intro Film
  • Logo motion
  • Scheduled Posting

Silver package

119 monthly
  • Free consulting
  • 2 Platforms
  • 10 posts
  • 15 stories
  • 3 motion graphics
  • Photography if needed
  • Linking social media to website
  • Intro film
  • Scheduled Posting

Bronze package

69 monthly
  • Free consulting
  • 1 platform
  • 5 posts
  • 10 stories
  • 1 motion graphics
  • Photography if needed
  • Linking social media to website
  • Scheduled Posting